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Cleaning Hacks for Pet Lovers

How to Ensure Pet Cleanliness

As much as owning a pet is awesome, it comes with some responsibilities. Cleanliness is essential because pets can get messy. If left unchecked, the pet fur and dirt they carry can invade your home, leaving you feeling overwhelmed. However, this does not need to be the case. Here are a few pet cleaning tips that will help. Use detergents and shampoos that are safe to use with pets.

cat in a litter box

Brush Pets

Hair is one of the most recurring cleaning issues revolving around pets. Some pets shed more hair than usual. Brushing the pet’s fur is advisable. Consult on the right tools to use in brushing pets. In addition to ensuring your home is clean from fur, brushing has added advantages. It has some health benefits.


Clean the Pet After a Walk

After taking your pet for a walk, they may have stepped on mud or other kinds of dirt. Especially dogs that tend to step on muddy pools. It is good to be prepared with a clean towel and some water at the door. Clean the paws and wipe them. It will prevent dirt from entering your home through your pet. It prevents constipation.


Have a Lint Roller

Lint rollers can trap hair left lying around by your pets. After a vacuum of the surfaces that have hair on them, use a lint roller to trap any remaining hair on those surfaces. Also, it can clean pet beds.


Use Baking Soda to Wash Pet Beddings

Baking soda is known to eliminate persistent odors. Using it to clean the beddings together with detergent will help do away with any smells while ensuring a good and clean environment for you and your pet.


Clean Pet Toys and Collars

These are often overlooked. They may get dirty and smelly with time making you and your pet uncomfortable. It is advisable to wash with pet shampoos which leave a good fragrance on them. Also, a dishwasher can be used to clean the toys.


Urine in the carpet!

This is almost every pet owner’s nightmare. This can leave a stench on your carpet that will make your home uncomfortable. White Vinegar and baking sodas are easy solutions. They do away with any foul odors. Spray on the stained area and let the vinegar do its job. A professional cleaner such as a carpet cleaning service in Frisco, TX, might be your best option for permanently remove odors caused by pets.


Clean the Litter Box

Litter boxes should be emptied and cleaned often to avoid foul smells and maintain a conducive environment for your pet. It is advisable to change it after a couple of months of use.


Use Room Deodorizers

These are essential because pets can leave foul smells as they go about their business. These ensure your home has fresh air. Allow fresh air in your home.

How to Deal With Emergencies Around the House

How to Deal With Emergencies Around the House

How do minor accidents and crises happen at your residence? Most homeowners believe these things only happen to others and that they don’t have to deal with any home improvement. They do not even attempt to plan for themselves until it’s too late and they are in the middle of an urgent situation with no idea of what to accomplish.

As it certainly is great to have preventative home improvement (and a backup plan) and be ready, this article provides a succinct collection of their quite common household crises and advice on ways best to manage them whenever they occur.

Clogged Bathroom Pipes

You almost certainly know you should not flush out anything aside from toilet paper down the toilet, as it is going to likely be obstructed. Still, it sometimes happens that our toilet in addition to shower drains, has clogged and we are left in an embarrassing position.

The shower usually will get clogged with unwanted hair; however, you can readily fix it by simply unscrewing the drain cap, or simply by pouring baking soda and vinegar down the drain.

If you can observe the congestion and also you don’t mind dirtying the hands somewhat, you merely need some essential gear and disposable glasses, however, you may always get in touch with a plumber and also possess a professional treat it.

Home Water Leakage

Most water leakages are typical and perhaps not too costly to fix. Despite these basic repairs, it may be an indication you have a larger problem along with your plumbing. Such leakages should be repaired as quickly as you can if they do not look to be a crisis repair during the moment, seeing as they may result in severe structural damage to a home over time.

Replace all plumbing faucets and pipes instantly and give a wide berth to the least expensive taps, even if they may appear to be a fantastic idea initially. If the flow is very serious, you need to shut the water off valve on such pipe and be certain that the pipe is sterile until the plumber arrives– you also can make use of a cloth to get rid of some of the water.

Home Power Outage

In the event you go through an electrical blackout or perhaps a power cut, then you should first venture outside and assess your switches and wiring, in addition to appliances. If any seems broken, you should telephone a reliable crisis electrician that is going to be able to encounter and try to find exactly what happened.

Depending on the time of day, it may take more than you would like for the professionals to show up. Until they arrive, then you ought to use candles together with a simple flashlight but be certain that you will not ever leave lit candles unattended.

Additionally, it is a fantastic strategy to leave a light fired up, so when the power is restored, you will find out instantly. Also, it could be sensible to keep electric appliances unplugged and attempt using the icebox as low as you can to hold the food fresh, if achievable.

Household Roofing

A busted roof is among those matters that many homeowners fear the most. However, the repairs may be somewhat pricey and may certainly be accomplished by professionals. On the flip side, in case you find your gutter is only clogged, then you may very quickly look after all on your own.

Leaves will be the typical offenders since they develop with the years and prevent the water from becoming to the drainage. You merely require a ladder, a couple of gloves, and a brush to repair the issue within one hour. Furthermore, in case you do so regularly, you can secure your roof from further harm.

Improving Prevention

Since there are so many aspects to home improvement and prevention, it is virtually impossible to be well prepared and fully secure since doing so is draining and stressful. However, it is a fantastic idea to understand how to take care of common household crises. Try to possess a listing of mobile numbers of professionals who can assist you when the need arises.

Ensure that your toolbox is well-stocked and memorize where the fuse box and the main water shutoff valve are since it will undoubtedly be convenient. If you plan, you will prevent a lot of stress and headache later. Inevitably, something will go wrong.

The Most Dangerous Or Costly Homeowner Mistakes

The Most Dangerous Or Costly Homeowner Mistakes

Home improvements and updating your home decor can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor, but approaching it the wrong way can be a dangerous and costly mistake. The good news is that there are steps you can take to avoid those dangers and get your project done right.

Here are six major mistakes to avoid during your next home renovation.

Not Hiring a Contractor

Some home repair jobs can be done by homeowners, even those with little to no experience. That may include projects like filling holes in a wall, painting a living room, or changing a sink faucet. Other repairs may require you to hire an expert to make sure the job is done right.

Choosing not to hire a contractor for your next home improvements that require more expertise is a costly mistake. Taking on projects like bathroom renovations, kitchen cabinet replacements, or even changes to electrical systems within a home need to be done right to ensure you don’t experience issues from shoddy workmanship.

Not Choosing The Right Contractor

It’s important to do your homework to ensure you hire a contractor that is trustworthy and professional. You want to know that they will get the job done right and on time and, that if issues arise, they will communicate with you and provide an updated timeline for the project.

When choosing a contractor here are some things to look for:

  • References or recommendations from previous clients, especially from someone your know and trust
  • Photos of previously completed home renovation or home repair projects
  • Confirmation of required licenses and workers insurances

Not Planning For Unexpected Issues

Creating a budget for your home repairs is an important part of the renovation process. As part of that budget, you should add a contingency fund for any unexpected costs that may arise once the project gets underway. Things like mold, asbestos, and plumbing issues can require additional work and increase the overall costs.

As a rule of thumb, Alair Homes recommends a contingency fund of 10% to 20% of your budget for smaller projects and 3% to 8% for larger projects that have a budget of $100,000 or more.

Being Too Trendy And Using Materials That Aren’t Right For Your Space

The truth is trends fade, but the home improvements and home decor you choose based on those trends last forever. It is a costly mistake for homeowners if they attempt to follow every trend when completing their home renovation, especially if the trend doesn’t fit with their space. Expensive repairs or changes, like choosing a kitchen cabinet color or layout based on a trend, may mean you’re stuck with that look long after the trend has faded, and once you start regretting your choices.

Not Fixing Issues Behind The Scenes

When completing a home improvement project you may come across unexpected issues behind the walls like outdated electrical, leaky plumbing, or mold and mildew. Although these issues will impact your budget, it’s a dangerous mistake for homeowners to leave them as is and cover them back up without addressing the issues and making necessary repairs.

Electrical issues are a fire hazard, mold infestations can impact your family’s health and wellbeing, and plumbing leaks can cause major water damage. Leaving these issues unattended can cause major headaches and hazards down the road, so they must be dealt with at the time of the home renovation.

Trying To Get It Done Fast, Instead Of Done Right

The last costly mistake homeowners can make during home renovations that we’ll mention here is trying to get a project done fast, instead of getting it done right. Living in a construction zone can be frustrating, and it can be tempting to try and push things along to get a project wrapped up and get life back to normal, but trying to speed up projects too much can be dangerous.

Rushing can lead to mistakes being made, and when dealing with electrical wiring, a building’s structural integrity, plumbing, and gas lines, those mistakes can be costly to your wallet and wellbeing. When planning your project, make sure to set realistic timeline expectations and allow yourself, or the trade persons that you hire, the time needed to get things done safely.





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